Next Gen Dealer Program

An OADA Next Gen dealer is anyone who is currently working (in any capacity) at the dealership with the intent of eventually being the dealer principal. Some Next Gen dealers are already making the key management decisions for the dealership, while others are just starting their careers with the company. Either way, the goal is to identify them, and to get them informed and aware of how we can assist their businesses. There is no age limit here, but most Next Gen dealers are under the age of 40.


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This group exists primarily for the following purposes:

  • Provide a networking opportunity for these dealers to develop relationships with one another. Being a car dealer is unique and there are benefits to having relationships with peers in the same field.
  • Provide education for these dealers to further their knowledge base.
  • Facilitate an introduction and understanding of what OADA is and its purpose.
  • Grow the relationships between these dealers and OADA staff members.
  • Continue the development and growth of grassroots in order to remain strong in the legislative, regulatory and legal environments on behalf of dealers across the state.

If you are or know of a Next Gen dealer, please reach out to Zach Doran at OADA.

Zach Doran
o) (614) 923-2234
c) (614) 893-8561


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